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When Android Wear came out over the course of last year, Google promised that the young, new platform would receive updates "early and often". While it wasn't said with so many words, it's easy to read between the lines: Google was going to make sure Android Wear users wouldn't face the same headaches as Android users when it comes to updates. Wear would be a more tightly controlled platform, built in such a way that updates could go straight to users' devices without meddling from carriers or roadblocks thrown up by crappy customisations.

Fast forward to June 2015, and Google has recently released Android Wear 5.1.1, which, despite its humble version number increase over 5.0.1, is a pretty significant update to the smartwatch platform. It enables WiFi on devices that support it, adds new ways to interact with your watch, and makes it easier to launch applications. All in all, it looks like a great update.

Sadly, I can only go by what others have told me, despite owning the poster Android Wear device - the Moto 360.

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RE: Look at FirefoxOS
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The reason we have the situation now is... why upgrade the OS and breathe new 'life' into older devices when they can get people to sign up for a new contract and get a new device?

That's been my whole problem with the smart phone 'revolution' in general. It's as bad as the computer industry not too long ago, where software would continuously be coming out but they'd require the latest hardware to run decently so you'd end up having to upgrade your computer every year or two. Now a 5 year old system can still be useful, which is why there are so many "Oh my god, PC sales are down, no one buys PCs anymore, they're dying!' uhm, no, they don't sell as much because no one needs a new one constantly.

But as far as alternatives to the big two... Damn Jolla, why did you have to skip the USA... I'm still looking forward to my Jolla Tablet ;)

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