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Mac OS X

Looking across the updates in El Capitan, the story is clear: Apple is making life way better for people who live in its ecosystem. But if you don't live in Apple's garden, the benefits are less clear. Yes, it's faster and there are bugfixes all around, but to take advantage of Apple's updates you really need to use Apple's apps.

I just want El Capitan's Metal and Aero Snap. That name is horrible, though.

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by netpython on Tue 16th Jun 2015 17:09 UTC
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According to Ars Technica:

"Almost all of El Capitan's updates are aimed at detail-oriented power users who are intimately familiar with the platform and its apps. I'm sure that not all OS X users even make use of the window management features present in Yosemite, so they're not really in a position to appreciate the improvements in El Capitan. You'd miss pretty much all of Mail's improvements if you don't use trackpad gestures or Full Screen mode."

"So, exciting? No, not really, not unless you're a window management enthusiast who is excited to dance on Helvetica Neue's grave (hi)."

So i think the article is somewhat contradicting or a bit too premature.But what's to complain about a free upgrade.

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