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I bought an Apple Watch, and I've been wearing it for about two weeks. I'm a notorious mobile computing fanatic and early adopter. How does it hold up to real-world use? How does it compare to the hype?

Let's get this out of the way: I've been waiting for an Apple Watch for a long time. While a lot of people were quick to dismiss the whole idea, I've been on board with the idea of a wrist-mounted companion to a smartphone since I first started using a smartphone. I never bought a Pebble or any of the other first generation smart watches, largely because I've been around the block long enough to know that it's hard to be an early adopter, but partially because I wanted to wait and see what Apple would come up with.

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RE: Notifications
by darknexus on Fri 19th Jun 2015 14:05 UTC in reply to "Notifications"
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Now I have to ask:

My impression always was, I see some of that in the article again, the people that really want a smart watch have a notification problem. They have to many of them and they just can't seem ignore them.

It looks like some kind of an addiction or an anxiety of missing out on something important.

This. You hit the nail on the head imho. I don't get it myself. When I get a notification, unless I'm expecting something, I wait until I'm somewhere I can easily deal with it. The nearest street corner or bus shelter is always a good place just to see what it might be, and if I'm not expecting anything I don't even check that quickly. No one's going to die if I don't respond to their text right that instant, or return their call in two minutes.

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