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Zeta "An operating system without an office suite is limited in its mass market appeal, making this a fairly serious issue. When yellowTAB decided to update ZETA's compiler, much thought was given to this problem in particular, and finally an answer made itself clear."
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The death of the OS
by Anonymous on Thu 17th Nov 2005 07:46 UTC
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Well, that does it. It is official. Operating Systems are now obsolete - mere platforms to run the same old, same old applications on. A few old-fashioned fanatics may still try to re-run last century's flamefests. But for most people, the OS will be irrelevant. As long as you can run OOo and FF, who cares what they are running on?

Might just as well run windows then, right? Somehow, I don't think this was how it was supposed to work out. An OOo/FF duopoly is not much of an improvement over an MS monopoly. Competition was supposed to *increase* our choices ...

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