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Microsoft The Microsoft doubters are at it again. Skeptics are questioning Microsoft's ability to deliver on the "Windows Live" strategy outlined recently by Bill Gates and Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie. If history is a lesson, however, it's a mistake to underestimate Microsoft, a company that has repeatedly shown an ability to catch up to competitors when it falls behind, as it often does.
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RE: Skeptics
by RawMustard on Thu 17th Nov 2005 08:36 UTC in reply to "Skeptics"
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In-some I agree with you, but It's not quite that simple.
GM Does not own the recipe to make petrol and prevent Toyota from using that recipe thereby locking Toyota out of the market! If computer interoperability and file exchange compatibility were free and open, then more companies could come in and offer some competition, more companies would be willing to devote more money to devolop competing products, but as it stands now, there's no incentive, as you're doomed to fail no matter how much better your product is!

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