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Microsoft The Microsoft doubters are at it again. Skeptics are questioning Microsoft's ability to deliver on the "Windows Live" strategy outlined recently by Bill Gates and Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie. If history is a lesson, however, it's a mistake to underestimate Microsoft, a company that has repeatedly shown an ability to catch up to competitors when it falls behind, as it often does.
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Micro Economics 101
by rajj on Thu 17th Nov 2005 09:28 UTC
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1) Monopolies are price-seeking.
2) Monopolies are rent-seeking.

Both are dead weight on the economy[1]. Instead of being productive, they spend vast resources on securing their monopoly[2]. The ODF fiasco is only one of many examples or rent-seeking behavior displayed by Microsoft.

Quite frankly, the Thank Goodness for Microsoft post is horribly written, and I can't read it for more than two lines; however, I will say this: monopolies are never a good thing.

[1] Tullock G., (1967): The Welfare Costs Of Tariffs, Monopoly and Theft.
[2] Posner, R., (1975): "The Social Costs of Monopoly and Regulation" Journal of Political Economy.

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