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OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems offers a promotional price for eComStation 1.2 until the last of November. This will include a one year software subscription. The subscription implies also that you can participate in the betaprogram for version 2.0 and includes the version 2.0 GA release after betatesting is done.
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>Because of this, I understand (or at least appreciate)
>SSI's limitations, and I don't have a problem with
>Serenity's actions in any way -- if anything, SSI has
>exceeded my expections in several respects with their
>eCS offering. Bob might be an ex-IBMer, but he's also
>a magician. The current eCS LiveCD proves this! :-)

You're not wrong there! ;)

>No -- I'm questioning IBM's apparent lack of business
>sense when it comes to marketing their own platforms.

I'm with you on that too!

>Just because a platform is being actively deemphasized
>doesn't mean it can't make more money for the company
>on its way out.


>The fact that IBM has actually authorized SSI to
>create adn release a LiveCD version of eComStation
>indicates (to me) that there exists some element
>within IBM that realizes that there is still some
>value in exposing new customers to the platform.

One would hope so, but I'm not going to hold by breath! ;)

>OS/2 days are numbered. I think we all know this. The
>simple fact that it's a proprietary platform available
>in binary-only form practically ensures its eventual

Yes, I agree with you again.

>However, at the current time it still has value. It
>still has capabities on the desktop which Linux lacks,
>it still has a large selection of software which it
>can easily support, and it still has the potential to
>be a money maker for IBM -- but only if IBM will let

Yep. And there's the rub. I just don't see IBM having the willingness to invest in OS/2 as they should have done all along.

Don't get me wrong, if IBM did decide to offer a free version (all legal issues aside), I'd be the first to applaud.

My guess though is that IBM don't want to offer customers a free option, since they probably make a very nice profit on the platform and application migrations that their large customers represent. IBM have one core responsibility, and that's not to fans of its operating system. It's to their shareholders.

I suppose that it's just possible that in ten years or so, when no company of any notable size is runnig OS/2 any more, that IBM may relent and open the source. But it will be too late then.

However, let's not forget that in the meantime, and for the next few years at least, we have that wondrous thing that is eCS to use and enjoy. ;)

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