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A recent draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade deal would give U.S. pharmaceutical firms unprecedented protections against competition from cheaper generic drugs, possibly transcending the patent protections in U.S. law.

This article focuses on pharmaceuticals, but just imagine what similar restrictions would mean for technology. This is disastrous.

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RE[4]: The funny thing is
by cfgr on Thu 2nd Jul 2015 12:34 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: The funny thing is"
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In a way, he was more transparent and far more honest.

Except for the WMD thing.

It's just too easy to lie because there's only one punishment and that's impeachment. It's a relatively extreme measure compared to the second 'punishment': making a media fuss while doing nothing.

The EU commission suffers from the same issue by the way. The only thing the EU parliament can do is kick them out, but for that you need a single example that's outrageous enough that you can justify creating a 'crisis' in the media otherwise you end up as the bad guy yourself. It lets them get away with way too much (such as trying to push the same legislation over and over again and keeping the trade negotiations secret contrary to parliament's will).

Something like official reprimands would be a good start. It's a lot easier to justify impeaching someone when he's received a series of strong warnings during his term. Three strikes and you're out.

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