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A recent draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade deal would give U.S. pharmaceutical firms unprecedented protections against competition from cheaper generic drugs, possibly transcending the patent protections in U.S. law.

This article focuses on pharmaceuticals, but just imagine what similar restrictions would mean for technology. This is disastrous.

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RE[7]: The funny thing is
by cfgr on Thu 2nd Jul 2015 16:37 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: The funny thing is"
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...Obama is worse? Because of TPP? Even though he has done a lot of good things too?

Obviously, he wasn't talking about the TPP specifically. He rather meant everything the Obama administration has (not) done.

It depends on how you look at it. Short term, Bush did a lot worse and caused the destruction of many lives and a few nations. The long term is more ideological though. Bush ruined a lot of things, but it didn't have the same sense of legitimacy that the Obama administration has added. Under Obama all the illegal wiretapping by the telcos was legalised and retroactively too (remember that?). Then there's the whole NSA scandal and nothing that matters was done about it. Is Guantanamo closed yet? Rather than fixing it, he clouded everything in vague laws, which set a terrible example for the future.

What happened during Obama's administration is a lot worse when viewed from a different perspective (i.e. the libertarian vs authoritarian angle, rather than social liberal [left] vs conservative [right] angle).

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