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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y How can we pass up a title like that? The article takes an interesting approach on practicality. Linux's pros: it runs on so many kinds of hardware, installing software is easy, variety of file managers and desktop environments. The Mac is popular because is has "strong software titles" and good support. The kicker: "If Linux distributions had the same level of consumer tech support available that Windows and OS X does, we'd see adoption number exploding." To be blunt, I find this essay unpersuasive. However, if you look at the examples where Linux has been successful in the market, such as embedded systems like set-top boxes and heavily customized OS variants with their own software ecosystem like Android, it's precisely Linux's esoteric strengths that made those platforms' developers choose it. And what did those platforms have that made them successful? Strong software running on top of the OS along with a worry-free onboarding and maintenance process, usually with professional support for end-users. What do you know?
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RE[2]: Finder does indeed suck
by gfx1 on Tue 14th Jul 2015 19:30 UTC in reply to "RE: Finder does indeed suck"
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I did not know that, I usually select a printer by ip-address.
Installed avahi and it does find the printer still asks for the ppd file but that's do-able ;)

Slight problem with linux is that you'll have to figure out what things like avahi and vinagre do the names aren't always helping.
Ubuntu has some helpfull aliases, Mint a bit less and some i10n is a bit weird.

The Samba Server Configuration Tool is nice, could share some stuff without reading the man page ;)

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