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Plasma Phone OS (or simply Plasma Phone) is a complete software stack for mobile devices and includes the following libre technologies: Plasma Mobile (a Plasma-based shell), KWIN/KWayland, Voicecall, Ofono, RIL, OHM, Telepathy. It allows to run several Qt-based applications to run on top of it, for example: Plasma apps, Ubuntu Touch based apps, Sailfish OS based apps, Nemo based apps.

The website is pretty minimal, but the first few comments on this Hacker News post gives a good overview.

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Comment by Wafflez
by Wafflez on Sat 25th Jul 2015 18:44 UTC
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Indeed, HS comments, that are for some reason downoted by all these tinfoil hat open source pathetic zealots who go "linux? IZ GOOD WOO YEAH LINUX YEAR OF DESKTOP PHONE im so dumb gpl f--k yeah", really hit the nail:

>Yeah... new mobile platform is a really hard thing to do - and without a designer (whom they clearly don't have), it's impossible. Nobody will use this.

>Let's be honest, even if they did have a talented team of designers nobody would use this.

Downvoted. I guess this could be downvoted for saying "probably" and not "abso-f--king-lutely", but still.

Useless project defended by open source zealots, who are the most irrelevant community in IT. Yet the most vocal one - "M $", "not open minded", etc. ;) D

Linux, bunch of fat basement dwelling pussies, so sad. ;)

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