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BeOS & Derivatives

Hello, it has been some time since my last article, in the meantime I continued to improve things out and since I changed some important parts of the media_kit, I think it's correct to notify the community about new and 'old' features added recently. This is an article mostly written for application developers, but I tried to explain the improvements made with simple words so I hope it will be interesting to anyone.

Of all the alternative operating systems from the golden days (2000-2005 or so), Haiku is one of the very few - possibly the only one - still going strong. And by "going strong" I mean seeing a ton of development seemingly without seeing a sort of definitive release. They're trying to reach zero by endlessly dividing by 2, it seems, getting ever so much closer to zero without actually getting there.

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RE[2]: Package Manager is Good
by judgen on Tue 4th Aug 2015 13:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Package Manager is Good"
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Everyone i have ever known using BeOS either had their own library archive they installed after main install OR they downloaded the excellent LibPak from bebits.
As long as he kept the pack up to date, everyone essentially had access to the same libraries and all was swell.

Beyond that, there never was dependency problems on BeOS, most applications was contained in the Zipfile that you unpacked unto /boot/apps .

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