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Apple The same sources that correctly predicted the Mac Mini and the photo iPod, have now confirmed that Apple will release an Intel-based iBook in January 2006, 6 months ahead of schedule. These new iBooks will most likely use Intel's forthcoming Yonah processors, and will be priced as much as $200,- (E170,-) lower than current offerings.
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How iTunes deals with music files
by wilburpan on Thu 17th Nov 2005 23:09 UTC
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Perhaps I can clarify how iTunes works. The default option for iTunes is to copy newly imported music files to its own directory structure. this is found in home/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/(artist)/(album), with the exception of those albums you mark as Compilations, which are filed under ..../iTunes Music/Compilations/(album).

This will take up additional disk space, unless you delete the original music files after copying.

You can turn this off, and store music files as you wish.

You can also use the iTunes interface to sort your music files by artis, album, song titel, year, etc., within the program, and drag and drop file from withint the program to the Desktop, the Finder, or other programs.

My question for Thom, or anyone else: is there a better method of organizing music files that would cause one to not use the default iTunes method of organization?

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