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In order to address some of the sources of CPU overhead and provide developers with more explicit control over rendering, w've been working to bring a new 3D rendering API, Vulkan, to Android. Like OpenGL ES, Vulkan is an open standard for 3D graphics and rendering maintained by Khronos. Vulkan is being designed from the ground up to minimize CPU overhead in the driver, and allow your application to control GPU operation more directly. Vulkan also enables better parallelization by allowing multiple threads to perform work such as command buffer construction at once.

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Open Source drivers
by fithisux on Tue 11th Aug 2015 15:02 UTC
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Do you know if Vulcan can be a base for more open source drivers? They say it will slimm down the driver blob.

Vulcan could be also paired with a GPU metrics spec for a real Open Source experience (e.g. GPU temperature etc)

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