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Many people have resisted the idea that Chromebooks really were growing in popularity. Now, less five years after the first commercial Chromebook, the Samsung Series 5 and Acer Chromebook went on sale, NPD, the global retail research group, is reporting that Chromebook sales in June and early July had exceeded "sales of Windows notebooks ... passing the 50 percent market share threshold."

I found this hard to believe, and as it turns out, the author is being clickbaity by burying an important little fact further down in the story: this only applies to B2B channels. I changed the OSNews headline (which is usually just copied) accordingly.

Still, it's evident that Chromebooks are here to stay, and are, indeed, a huge success.

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I resisted these things until eventually the girlfriend got herself a refurb one for US$169.

If you use specialized tools... if you're a programmer or artist or sound engineer, you'll need to set up a remote desktop solution for these to be useful.

But if you don't use specialized tools, the only significant difference you'll notice is that your Chromebook's battery lasts 8 hours instead of a laptop's 2.

Get one for dear old mother and see how she gets along without a Caps Lock key.

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