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Over the last few days I've been testing an experimental content blocker called Crystal, which promises to speed up browsing on iOS. I've been particularly impressed by the results and taken aback by how much removing trackers, ads and other scripts makes a difference over a cellular connection.

The content blocker is a major selling point for iOS, in my opinion. On Android, this will always be a hack - third party tools, root, that sort of thing - and never properly integrated into the operating system, even though it should be.

Good move by Apple, and together with a lack of a decent Android headset out right now, it's pushing me towards an iPhone when my contract renewal is up in October.

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Firefox on android with uBlock
by jimmystewpot on Tue 25th Aug 2015 21:26 UTC
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This is precisely the reason that I have been using Firefox on android since release. It's ability to have adblock plugins since the early days has made it a pleasure.

The performance and user experience have been slowly improving although I think they are still overly focused on the desktop. There are still pages that I can go to on mobile that will crash the browser repeatedly. However the list is getting smaller.

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