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Windows This hit the news yesterday.

Microsoft released Windows 10 four weeks ago today, and now the company is providing a fresh update on its upgrade figures. 14 million machines had been upgraded to Windows 10 within 24 hours of the operating system release last month, and that figure has now risen to more than 75 million in just four weeks.

As somebody who uses Windows every day, and who upgraded to Windows 10 a few weeks before it was released, let me make a statement about all the positive Windows 10 reviews that not everyone is going to like. There are only two reasons Windows 10 is getting positive reviews. First, because it's free. This one's a given. Second, and more importantly: Windows 10 is getting positive reviews because none of the reviewers have forced themselves to use nothing but Metro applications.

Here's the cold and harsh truth as I see it: despite all the promises, Metro applications are still complete and utter garbage. Let me explain why.

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Great Review Thom
by shotsman on Fri 28th Aug 2015 06:03 UTC
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I hope your well considered words get a much wider distribution.

My main gripe is their goal to force the phone UI to the desktop. What % of phone users actually choose a Windows phone? <10%.

Their grand plan to rule the IT world now depends on people using the stupid Metro UI on the desktop and saying to themselves that ok, I'll get a Windows phone because I know how to usr it.... {Doh!}

Some points from the text
1)Can you spot the URL input field?
This is because they want you to search for everything. Then they can harvest all that lovely data just like Google. This is why they have put all this emphasis on Search.
simple really.
BTW, I never use and form of search on the Windows systems I use for my day job.

2) Your description of the Mail app shows their totally borked thinking. I use a three screen setup for my job as a software developer. Can someone who isn't a marketeer please explain how the single panel workflow can work efficiently here? {i'm listening to the 'sounds of silence'}

It seems to me that MS is preparing us for the future.
No not the rent the OS on my desktop by the month/day/hour but the full blown return to the days of the Mainfram and 3270 terminals.
Instead of that we will have (very) thin clients and everything is in the cloud for the marketing people to sift through every keystroke. Different technology but essentially the same.

The increasing emphasis on 'being always connected' for social media fits right into this grand plan.

Stop the world I wanna get off.
Well , I will soon anyway when I retire and with every incarnation of Windows this date gets shifted ever closer. So I'm an old fart/dinosaur/fogey. What is wrong with that eh?

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