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Mono Project "We just released Mono 1.1.10, our best release so far. The major feature missing from this release to call it Mono 1.2 is the completion of our Windows.Forms implementation. In this document I only present the direction of development of the Mono team at Novell; a more comprehensive view of other Mono developments by the Mono community is something that am working on and will post at a later date. I also present how our team's priorities are shifting in response to Novell's own internal use of Mono and external factors like the final release of .NET 2.0."
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RE: Cemented my move to Fedora
by thebluesgnr on Fri 18th Nov 2005 04:29 UTC in reply to "Cemented my move to Fedora"
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While Red Hat may be great for your business, Evolution, Beagle and f-spot are applications I can't see the GNOME desktop without (specially after Vista comes out).

Overall, anyone can say what they want about Mono but there are already quite a few interesting apps for my desktop written with it, while Java continues to live only as a web browser plugin.
For the people who don't care about the desktop, I don't see why complain about Mono. Surely it's better to have Java AND .NET available instead of only one of them, considering you don't get to decide which one all developers will pick.

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