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I have been using Windows 10 off and on since October of 2014, and as the operating system on my main computer since January 22nd of this year. I honestly could not see me moving back to an older version ever. The improvements to Windows 10 are both dramatic and subtle, and the improvements keep occurring even this shortly after launch. Better for the desktop, better for the tablet, and a platform than runs on practically any computer system. Windows 10 is here, and Microsoft has made a bold statement with it. It is the return of the old, plus the addition of the new, all in a package that works very well on a huge variety of devices.

Just be sure to ignore all the crappy Metro applications, and you'll be fine with Windows 10.

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RE[2]: Metro applications
by Beerfloat on Tue 1st Sep 2015 04:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Metro applications"
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I don't even know what is so great about the calculator app. To me it actually stands out negatively.

Where in the classic Windows calculator you used to be able to right click the entire digit entry field to paste something into it, in the 'Trusted Windows Store App' version you now have to specifically aim for any number that might be there (first time you use it, just a small 0) and then there is a small delay before the Copy/Paste context menu shows up.

Hardly a major workflow interruption. But an unwelcome little annoyance that just irritates several times a day.

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