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For the past few years, we've been in a relatively healthy balance when it comes to our smartphones. Both Apple and Google provided us with relatively decent platforms that were pretty straightforward to use, provided us with interesting and useful functionality, and at mostly decent price points. In return, we accepted a certain amount of lock-in, a certain lack of control over our devices and the software platforms running on them. I felt comfortable with this trade-off, whether I was using an iPhone or an Android phone at the time.

Recently, however, I've been feeling like this balance in iOS and Android is tipping - and not in the right direction. The users' interests have taken a decided backseat to corporate interests, and the user experiences of the two platforms in question have, consequently, suffered, and I see little in the future to counteract this development

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Tech pundits are all-in on Tracking/Spying
by curio on Fri 4th Sep 2015 19:28 UTC
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Loss of control is much worse when it's helped along by tech pundits who aren't pushing back against this encroachment of corporate/gov control over our devices.
This little linked clip shows how all-in TWiT's Leo Laporte is on the total surveillance state.

TWiT-0507-Leo Laporte-loves-Google-Spying

What's sad is, all the features he likes so much about Google Now, could easily be integrated into a supremely personal, private and effective, digital assistant plus maintenance and security app/program on everyone's devices. "Pull" information instead of having it "Pushed" to you by all tracking, all spying big-brother, on central servers.
Leaving users effectively no choice but of which Big Brother.

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