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For the past few years, we've been in a relatively healthy balance when it comes to our smartphones. Both Apple and Google provided us with relatively decent platforms that were pretty straightforward to use, provided us with interesting and useful functionality, and at mostly decent price points. In return, we accepted a certain amount of lock-in, a certain lack of control over our devices and the software platforms running on them. I felt comfortable with this trade-off, whether I was using an iPhone or an Android phone at the time.

Recently, however, I've been feeling like this balance in iOS and Android is tipping - and not in the right direction. The users' interests have taken a decided backseat to corporate interests, and the user experiences of the two platforms in question have, consequently, suffered, and I see little in the future to counteract this development

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RE: wow honestly?
by galvanash on Sat 5th Sep 2015 02:59 UTC in reply to "wow honestly?"
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It is beyond my understanding how you think that Apple allowing YOU to extend the browser on YOUR phone with whatever code you want is 'Apple placing its own interests above that of its users'.

Maybe because they waited like 5 years longer than they should have to do this? Now that they realize they don't make any money through advertising on their phones and probably never will they decided what the hell, two birds with one stone (make users happy and kick Google in the teeth while they are at it).

It seems awfully duplicitous to me to have Apple implement a highly requested feature only after the point is reached where the feature benefits Apple.

That somehow seems exactly like Apple placing their own interests above that of their users...

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