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Dillon's visibility and personal passion for Sailfish has, at times, made him feel like the de facto face of the entire Sailfish project - eclipsing the other co-founders with his call-to-arms conviction and punkish demands for a more human technology, for software to have a heart, for developers to champion difference and care about consumers whose tastes are unlike the mainstream. Sailfish's small pond certainly rippled with the energy of such a vivid personality.

So on one level it's a huge surprise to hear he's left Jolla, the company he quit former employer Nokia to help co-found all the way back in 2011.

So, not only did Jolla split into a separate software and a separate hardware company (never a good sign), now its co-founder and frontman has left the, uh, ship as well.

You don't need a lot of brain cells to figure this one out.

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Dillon on the future of the mobile
by bitwelder on Wed 9th Sep 2015 09:01 UTC
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Actually tonight Marc Dillon is going to speak at Hardware HEL (a meetup for Finnish hardware startups) about "The face of mobile in 5-10 years".
We'll get to know what are his thoughts on the subject.

Also during the event the guys from Puzzlephone will talk about the work on modular devices.

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