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Let's talk ad-blocking.

With the arrival of iOS 9, ad-blocking is coming to mobile in a big way, and it's causing a lot of talk all over the web. It is highlighting the internal struggle some feel about the practice, but also the hypocrisy of some of its staunchest proponents. So far, it seems like the real 'bloodbath' isn't taking place where people thought it would be - namely, publishers - but among personalities.

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My position on ads is simple
by BeamishBoy on Sat 19th Sep 2015 15:40 UTC
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I can't trust where ads come from due to ad-brokerage networks. And since I can't trust them to a degree acceptable to me, I choose to block all adverts.

I've only ever experienced two instances of malware in my twenty years or so of running Windows. Guess where they came from? Yes, that's right: third-party adverts running on websites that I visit every day.

It sucks that I have to block ads and deny these sites revenue, but I value my security and my time more than anybody else's business. Until that changes, I'll continue blocking every ad I can.

(The plague of "sponsored content" is of course an even more insidious one but that's a whole different post.)

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