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Let's talk ad-blocking.

With the arrival of iOS 9, ad-blocking is coming to mobile in a big way, and it's causing a lot of talk all over the web. It is highlighting the internal struggle some feel about the practice, but also the hypocrisy of some of its staunchest proponents. So far, it seems like the real 'bloodbath' isn't taking place where people thought it would be - namely, publishers - but among personalities.

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RE[2]: The elephant in the room
by WereCatf on Sat 19th Sep 2015 16:00 UTC in reply to "RE: The elephant in the room"
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Face it, ads influence your decision making whether you are aware of it or not. Next time you are faced with a decision to buy something, you will be subconsciously drawn to the ones you've seen before in advertising.

Ads do influence me to some extent, but not as much as you seem to imply or as much as advertisers would like them to influence me. If I know I am in need of something and I see an ad advertising that thing for a good price, then sure, they have managed to influence my decisions. On the other hand, ads don't do anything for me if I don't need what they're advertising; I always research and think of my own needs before buying anything even remotely expensive and I have zero brand-loyalty. I also don't follow trends, I don't give a flying fuck about celebrities or their "endorsements" nor do I care in the slightest about what people around me use or wear.

All that said, I know I am an outlier. I'm a loner and I often completely miss even obvious social cues. Ads do work wonders on normal people, but they just don't work nearly as well on me.

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