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Let's talk ad-blocking.

With the arrival of iOS 9, ad-blocking is coming to mobile in a big way, and it's causing a lot of talk all over the web. It is highlighting the internal struggle some feel about the practice, but also the hypocrisy of some of its staunchest proponents. So far, it seems like the real 'bloodbath' isn't taking place where people thought it would be - namely, publishers - but among personalities.

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RE: Ad advocating ad blocker
by darknexus on Sat 19th Sep 2015 16:29 UTC in reply to "Ad advocating ad blocker"
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Something to enable active feedback to websites when they abuse advertising, but still let normal ads through.

I think you're on to something here. Of course, if it ever gets created, we'll have to have standards for communicating with the site and blocker. Certain companies, of course, will invent their own standard just to be contrary, requiring the implimentation of at least two standards for it and thus resulting in no one bothering.

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