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Let's talk ad-blocking.

With the arrival of iOS 9, ad-blocking is coming to mobile in a big way, and it's causing a lot of talk all over the web. It is highlighting the internal struggle some feel about the practice, but also the hypocrisy of some of its staunchest proponents. So far, it seems like the real 'bloodbath' isn't taking place where people thought it would be - namely, publishers - but among personalities.

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by Em_te on Sun 20th Sep 2015 08:38 UTC in reply to "Thank you"
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for a very well written article. There will be a third way content providers will tackle this issue, and this is blocking content and shaming those with ad-blockers. This is already common practice in the web games industry and i've noted a few news sites start to do this. The popular dutch tech site, shames ad block users.

also... Subscribed.

Yeah I saw that once because a script couldn't load on a webpage I was visiting so that webpage assumed that I had ad blocking on.

In actual fact, I was using my laptop at a friend's office and they block Google on their servers to discourage procrastination. Nothing else was blocked.

The webpage was trying to load JQuery through Google's CDNs.

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