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This is the future Apple so desperately wants: total control.

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RE: Well
by jigzat on Sun 20th Sep 2015 17:02 UTC in reply to "Well"
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Is not simply about control but who gets first to the user.

Google tried first by embedding a dedicated search box on the browsers, then it created a very attractive custom browser, then Apple came up with the iPhone and iOS to control which apps can the user see and install on the store. Google freaked out because obviously Apple is a hardware company an so it can reach the user from the beginning, so they created (purchase) Android , a platform that any smartphone builder wannabe can use for free. Everyone gets on board thinking they can make a fortune but in fact they are fueling someone else business.

Advertising is extremely necessary but we reach a point where its becoming a bubble like the dotcom bubble. Ads have become so abundant and intrusive that the brain treats them the same way as road signs, it gets to a point where your brain simply ignores it.

I think both Google and Apple knows it, and Apple is trying to be the first to put some order into the advertising business to make it less intrusive and more effective and of course to fight its competitors.

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