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Elon Musk, in an interview over at Handelsblatt:

Apple just hired some of Tesla's most important engineers. Do you have to worry about a new competitor?

Important engineers? They have hired people we've fired. We always jokingly call Apple the "Tesla Graveyard." If you don't make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I'm not kidding.

Do you take Apple's ambitions seriously?

Did you ever take a look at the Apple Watch? (laughs) No, seriously: It's good that Apple is moving and investing in this direction. But cars are very complex compared to phones or smartwatches. You can't just go to a supplier like Foxconn and say: Build me a car. But for Apple, the car is the next logical thing to finally offer a significant innovation. A new pencil or a bigger iPad alone were not relevant enough.

He's not wrong. Should be interesting: Tesla and Apple are companies with some of the most.... Enthusiastic fans, and I'm sure there's quite some overlap.

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RE: A Grade Tosser
by Jonteponte7112 on Sat 10th Oct 2015 18:55 UTC in reply to "A Grade Tosser"
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The whole idea that Tesla has taken a bet on is the fact that an Electric car is much simpler to design, build and manufacture since much of the complexity is in the drivetrain for a ICE car. An pure Electric drivetrain makes a lot of other things easier. And besides the fact that you correctly bring up (not even the mega-/supercar manufacturers build all their own stuff) suddenly it is practically impossible for Apple to come from nothing and build their own car. When that was exactly what Musk did with Tesla for Christ sake!

And on top of that Apple has the design chops for a car and more money that god to spend on it. Wall Street is whining like a petulent child about Apples cash and basically value it at zero while it's on the balance sheet. Now they are using that money to do something and get the potential 20%+ growth that Apple apparently needs to have to even be worth anyting at all.

With Apple it's always "they are doomed if they do but they are also doomed if they don't".

It really is fascinating to watch.

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