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Intel and Microsoft are teaming with three leading PC makers on a new ad campaign designed to make potential computer buyers more aware of all the things a modern PC can do.

The campaign, with the slogan "PC Does What?" is set to be announced Thursday at a Webcast featuring the companies' top marketing executives, according to sources familiar with the companies' plans. It will feature TV, print and online advertisements, sources said.

I expect this to be really cringe-inducing. In other words, we'll get some entertainment out of it.

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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Thu 15th Oct 2015 12:01 UTC
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Apple is proof that there is still a lot of life left in the PC market because people are still buying and upgrading but you have to actually offer something compelling other than gimmicky crap such as touch screens. The biggest boat anchor that OEM's suffer from is Windows - Windows 10 being a giant disappointment, the UI is a train wreck of different UI kits resulting in crap scaling on high-dpi screens not to mention disjointedness, I was so hopeful about 'Universal Windows Platform' but it turns out to be yet another layer placed upon the rotting floor boards that is win32 with each passing day that Windows 10 hangs around with no move by Microsoft to come ups with a clear path to get a consistent UI - why would anyone be excited about buying a new computer when no one has ever actually said, "awesome! I can't wait for the next version of Windows" other than the most devout fan and even then with Windows 10 there has been a backlash.

Microsoft need to go back to the drawing board and do something about Windows with a clean slate based and salvage what is worth salvaging from Windows. Until that happens the UI will continue looking like a dogs breakfast and consumers will continue buying PC reluctantly rather than enthusiastically going out to upgrade because Microsoft or some OEM has done something cool.

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