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Mac OS X For all of the strengths of OS X, two of the complaints recycled year after year are the aged filesystem, HFS+, with its lack of file integrity, and the file manager, the Finder. While replacing HFS+ remains out of our reach, an alternative to the Finder for day-to-day tasks has been achievable for some time. Enter "Commander One," a dual-pane file manager that seeks to fill in the holes that the Finder has famously left. Let's dig in and see what Commander One has to offer.
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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ZFS was, or is, never going to be a great general purpose file system, and using it as the default file system for a desktop is rather silly.

Care to expand upon that? I understand it has some features that don't make sense in a casual single disk desktop, but detecting/protecting against bitrot is pretty important ,right? At least I think so. And the cow snapshots are pretty neat for back ups ( which is why I think Apple missed an opportunity with the time machine and ZFS).

I have previously run open Solarius and some crazy bsd variant with zfs as default. It worked pretty well for the basic testing I did. Was awesome for getting back to a known good system state.

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