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British re-elected prime-minister Cameron is continuing his life's mission of invading the British people's privacy and severely restricting their freedoms.

Internet and social media companies will be banned from putting customer communications beyond their own reach under new laws to be unveiled on Wednesday.

Companies such as Apple, Google and others will no longer be able to offer encryption so advanced that even they cannot decipher it when asked to, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Measures in the Investigatory Powers Bill will place in law a requirement on tech firms and service providers to be able to provide unencrypted communications to the police or spy agencies if requested through a warrant.

How on earth did you Brits manage to not only elect this dangerous man, but also re-elect him?

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they are not actually banning encryption.
Encryption any idiot inside the company and the government has access to is not encryption at all. It's like a lock to which every criminal has a key.

So yes, they are effectively banning encryption.
I'm not sure if this Nicholas' point, but my reading of the article is that they're planning to ban companies from offering effective encryption of communication via their servers. If this is the case, then besides companies being allowed to offer ineffective encryption through their servers, individuals would still be allowed to use effective peer-to-peer encryption.

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