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Google is reportedly taking a page out of Apple's playbook and expressing interest in co-developing Android chips based on its own designs, according to a report today from The Information. Similar to how the iPhone carries a Ax chip designed by Apple but manufactured by companies like Samsung, Google wants to bring its own expertise and consistency to the Android ecosystem. To do that, it would need to convince a company like Qualcomm, which produces some of the top Android smartphone chips today using its own technology, to sacrifice some of its competitive edge. Google did not respond to a request for comment.

Within a few years, Google will be competing head-to-head with Apple, with its own line of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and maybe even desktops, all running Android.

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In negotiations with chipmakers, Efrati wrote that Google in particular wants more sophisticated camera processing, enabling features such as faster photo capture and the ability to constantly record the environment, sending images and video to Google for cloud-based analysis.

Huh. And here I fully expected that the iFanboy party-line reaction would be something along the lines of "lol Apple alreddy maeks custom chipz so Google is a coppier lololololol". The tinfoil hat angle didn't even occur to me! Careful, though, the Open Sores kooks probably won't be very happy having their shtick ripped-off.

Why? Because you are the product.

Ah yes, the Apple fanboy equivalent of creationists repeating "it's just a theory" over and over again.

sorry, but this is most certainly a compelling reason NOT to buy any device with this capability.

Uh-huh, because simplistic paranoia is ALWAYS a good criteria on which to base purchasing decisions. And while you're at it, make sure you never vaccinate anything! Ya know, because of the astrological effects of quantum chemtrails.

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