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The Windows 10 November update is available now to everyone running Windows 10. This first major update has a handful of visible features, a variety of bug fixes, and even some enterprise features. Microsoft's message to businesses is that if they were following the traditional policy of waiting for the first Service Pack or major update to Windows before deploying it, this is it: time to take the plunge.

It's also the time for gamers to make the switch too - in parallel with this release, Microsoft is rolling out the new Xbox Experience, which is based on Windows 10, and gives the dashboard a big shake-up.

Only a Windows update could extoll the virtues of reducing the number of differently design context menus.

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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Thu 12th Nov 2015 20:20 UTC
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As a Mac user it is great to see that Microsoft is finally spending time on fit and finish given that I'm always surprised how horribly inconsistent it is given how many employees they have working on Windows at any one time - You'd think that they had 50 programers and arty folks cleaning up the UI as the rest work on the 'under the hood' stuff.

With that being said, although Apple can boast about the head start they have what is ignored is the fact that between now and Redstone Microsoft is working with partners to get win32 applications in the AppStore which will run within App-V containers so the 'app gap' will quickly become a thing of the past as large sways of software vendors repackage their applications for the marketplace. Where as Apple has banked on ARM, Microsoft has worked with Intel which gives them the ability to leverage their existing ecosystem.

Right now I'm sitting tight on my iMac and MacBook Pro but I am open to the idea of moving to Windows if Microsoft really do get their act together - the question is whether they have the drive to make it succeed and the focus to really bring the fit and finish people are now demanding.

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