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Windows Central is now hearing from multiple sources that Project Astoria is on hold indefinitely, and maybe even shelved completely. Although Microsoft is not publicly - even privately - stating Astoria is cancelled, they are not openly talking about it anymore, or even privately discussing it with developers.

One source has told us that "the Android app porting is not going as planned."

The interpretation by others familiar with the matter is that Astoria is not happening anytime soon and Microsoft has yet to find a way to announce the news publicly. Indeed, while the news will be welcomed by Windows developers, it could come across as a failure by the company to execute on a publicly announced strategy.

All evidence is pointing towards the Android application support promised for Windows 10 being axed.

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They feel pretty strong
by Milan Kerslager on Sun 15th Nov 2015 18:20 UTC
Milan Kerslager
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In my point of view, Microsoft believes that their Universal applications and Continuum is so sexy, they don't need half baked solution (remember BlackBerry abandoned Android apps support in the past and now they have native Android Priv). And I think that Microsoft has working Intel/x86 phones already for internal testing phase (Lumias for the 2016 year). The idea of one platform for all is still alive inside Microsoft (even Windows 8 failure and Windows 10 take-off troubles).

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