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The Pebble Time Kickstarter project brought more than just color, voice, and ergonomic design to our family of smartwatches. The campaign also introduced a focused and delightful new operating system with Pebble Firmware 3.0. Featuring the timeline interface to organize your past, present, and future, 3.0 is all about delivering the best ways to get things done from your wrist.

During the campaign, we promised to bring support for Pebble Time's 3.0 operating system to the rest of our lineup as well. We're happy to announce that timeline, unlimited apps, and more are on their way to Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel this month.

I'm still not entirely used to watches being a playground for operating systems now.

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f you have to use your phone while driving you could speak to it. Otherwise you are being a risk on the road reading something on your watch.

Speaking to a phone in your pants pocket doesn't work. Speaking to a watch on my wrist does.

Good one! Except digital watches have been able to do that for 40 years.

This shows you have no idea what a smartwatch is. Name a digital watch that vibrates with an alarm
My phone isn't anywhere near where I am training. I just press a button on my mp3 player that hangs around my neck. I can do that in the dark because I can feel the buttons.

Yeah? Which MP3 players stream music? Which MP3 players with 100GB+ storage can you wear around your neck?
Why? If the message is useful for the meeting I think nobody will complain when you read it on your phone. If the message is not useful for the meeting why are you reading it during the meeting? If you have time during the meeting why is your meeting too long? Shouldn't you fix your meeting?

Oh brother. You're reaching. When everyone at a meeting checks messages on their phone, it is disruptive. I guess you've not been to many meetings?

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