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I have a Samsung RF4289HARS refrigerator. The Google calendar app on it has been working perfectly since I purchased the refrigerator August 2012. However, with the latest changes in Google Calendar API, I can no longer sign in to my calendar [scroll to top; I have no idea where the permalink is in this horrible UI]. I receive a message stating "Please check your email in Google Calendar website". I can sign in fine on my home PC and have no problem seeing the calendar on my phone. Perhaps this is a Samsung issue, but I thought I would try here first. Has anyone else experienced this problem and what was the solution?

Pretty sure this is in the Book of Revelation somewhere.

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RE: BeIA Refrigerator?
by tanishaj on Tue 15th Dec 2015 17:56 UTC in reply to "BeIA Refrigerator?"
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Being too far ahead of your time is almost worse than being behind the curve from a technology point of view.

Being far to early is a massive business blunder.

One of the keys to Product Management is knowing what is "just now possible or practical". Lots of us have great ideas that we can point to and pretend we invented. Being the company that gets rich commercializing something as a result of great market timing is a lot harder than generically predicting that something will eventually happen or be available.

Being a bit late is ok though and often still very profitable. In fact, the "second" mover often does the best as they enter a small but proven market with probably a better conceived product based on the lessons surfaced by whoever did it first. Both Apple and Microsoft for example hardly ever successfully invent a market. They are just the ones that dominate them to the point that we all forget that they basically just copied somebody else. Microsoft has not been doing this as much lately but I fully expect to see them do it again. They may be getting their mojo back.

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