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It's the end of 2015, and one fact about the internet is quickly becoming clear this year: Americans' freedom to access the open internet is rapidly dissolving.

Broadband access is declining, data caps are becoming commonplace, surveillance is increasing, and encryption is under attack.

This is not merely my opinion. The evidence is everywhere; the walls are closing in from all sides. The net neutrality victory of early this year has rapidly been tempered by the fact that net neutrality doesn't matter if you don't have solid access to said 'net.

A lot is going to depend on whatever president the American public elects next year. All Republicans are obviously off the table when it comes to an open and free internet, and Clinton, too, considers encryption a problem that needs to be addressed (i.e., broken, users be damned).

I don't want to do any endorsements, but I think y'all can do the math. Make it happen, America.

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I hope Bernie Sanders wins because:
by DrJohnnyFever on Wed 23rd Dec 2015 22:59 UTC
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I hope he wins just so I can enjoy seeing how much of a train wreck he is. Obama's disaster has been great fun. I love the chance to say I told you so. I'll be voting for him if he's on the ballot in the general election. Otherwise I'll just stay home.

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