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Let me start by saying that beautiful websites come in all sizes and page weights. I love big websites packed with images. I love high-resolution video. I love sprawling Javascript experiments or well-designed web apps.

This talk isn't about any of those. It's about mostly-text sites that, for unfathomable reasons, are growing bigger with every passing year.

While I'll be using examples to keep the talk from getting too abstract, I'm not here to shame anyone, except some companies (Medium) that should know better and are intentionally breaking the web.

This is an amazing and hilarious read we can all agree with it. I doubt there's going to be any pointless bickering over this one.

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the design of your website leaves much to be desired... I mean a cloud background?

The responses to the layout and style of the site (I consider them two separate things) has been a bit of comedy. But after a decade and a half of dealing with websites none of it is unexpected.

Some people love the simple background, others complain about it. Some people love that it's right to the point putting content FIRST on every page, other people ask why I don't have some sort of giant animated "banner" to draw people in. (when those in fact drive me and most people I know AWAY from sites)

Some people praise it for being "flat design", others complain it's skeuomorphic and not flat enough. Some people said great job following Google Materiels (I didn't), others tell me I should use that.

The funniest comment is it looks "'90's style" to some people... where I can only assume the people saying that weren't using the web in the 1990's (hell at this point there's a good chance most of the people saying that probably weren't even alive in 1990). I actually put up a whole news item JUST about that.

Even joked in the comments I should make a site skin '90's style just for laughs, but why bother when the default skin for most if not all forum softwares do a fine and dandy job of being decades out of date. Well, that and I suck at making animated GIF files

But that's style for you -- you can't please everyone.

Most of the "style" stuff you hear from the design crowd being the antithesis of what the WCAG and usability studies at NNGRoup say... by now you probably have a pretty good idea which side of my trousers I stick my opinion down.

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