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Speaking of Cyanogen OS:

Following the Cyanogen OS 12.11 update for the OnePlus One, you may have noticed something worse than the automatic inclusion of Cortana. Now upon selecting a file without a set default application, you will see adverts for Microsoft apps and services on the "open with" menu.

I feel like a broken record player at this point, but don't trust these guys. Selling out to Microsoft has never done anyone any good.

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RE[6]: Selling out to MS...
by Finalzone on Sun 10th Jan 2016 19:28 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Selling out to MS..."
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manufacturers can build XO devices, but there is anyone who actually does it? all i see is customized Androids.

Latest XO laptop (1.75 and 4 having touchscreen option) can run Android as well.

One Education, who started as OLPC offspring in Australia, is developing the Infitinity laptop looking like an interpretation of XO laptop with modular approach.

My main concert with Infinity is the ruggedness that made the original XO laptop standout,its use in harsh environment where electricity is scarce. It seems it can use Sugar but the organization is vaque on that.

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