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The solve for this has been smartwatches designed specifically for women, to varying degrees of offense. Resizing is the first step: a thinner strap, a smaller face, more delicate styling (though, of course, not all women have tiny wrists, the same way that not all men have big wrists). Colorways come next, trading "masculine" black, gray, or brown for "feminine" white, tan, and now-ubiquitous rose gold (seriously, ever since Apple added rose gold to their lineup in September, every damn tech company has followed suit). The final step in making wearable tech for ladies? Throw some jewels on it. Sigh.

Technology companies and designing products for women don't go well together, and never have - smartwatches and fitness trackers just highlight this problem like never before.

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Women still wear watches?
by emerson999 on Wed 13th Jan 2016 23:33 UTC
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Are women even buying normal watches? I thought that had pretty much gone out of style.

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