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When we talk about laptops still being popular and important, we tend to talk about things like the precision of the mouse and the power and flexibility of a desktop operating system. We talk about all the things they can do better than a phone or a tablet. We talk about more. But it's worth talking about the power of technology that strives to do less - much less. The thousand dollars I spent on a Pixel didn't buy my mom crazy extensibility, or the ability to run powerful apps like Photoshop or Excel. It didn't even buy her that much storage. But it did buy her a beautiful, well-designed product. And most importantly, it bought her focus, and the ability to spend her time using her computer instead of trying to learn how to use it.

That's a lesson I think Steve Jobs would have liked very much.

There's something happening with Chromebooks that seems to take place much outside of the sphere of the technology press - in schools now, but once kids have them, they'll find their way elsewhere. We may indeed be entering a post-PC world, but it's not based on tablets.

It's Chromebooks.

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I am sitting here on my pixel 2.
by dhickman on Wed 3rd Feb 2016 05:06 UTC
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I travel alot and I found that my macbook pro is just too heavy and since it is an older retina model, the batteries are starting to fade and it gets only 3-4 hours of use.

Originally I wanted a cheap laptop to take with me and after using a retina, I could not give up the screen. I love chromeos,but the low end offerings simply sucked.

So I decided to buy a pixel 2.

At first I liked it but had buyers remorse since I kept on going back to the macbook pro to do things.

I installed ubuntu via crouton and now this is a decent machine. What I can not do via chromeos can be done via linux.

Add to that I get around 10 hours of solid use in a day without a battery.

I am getting ready to go on an extended six week long trip and I was debating about bringing the macbook along in addition to the retina. To be honest, after sitting down with the macbook for a couple of hours to night and finding myself dealing with OS issues, I put it down and logged into the pixel.

I can not wait until android and chromeos merges. A pixel with the ability to run anything in the google playstore will make chromebooks a very serious contender in the laptop market.

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