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But in bounding after large screens, phone makers seemed to ignore the usability issues that accompany them. Small studies have shown before that 4.3 inches is about as big as a phone can get before people start struggling to use it. The time to operate the phone slows down significantly because one-hand use is awkward - and that's for average men's hands. Assuming a normal distribution, for half of men and most women, a phone bigger than 4.3 inches - like the current smallest iPhone - is too big.

The increasing size of smartphones is one of the big mysteries of the technology world. The mystery lies not in phones getting larger - a lot of people prefer it - but in smaller phones, which a lot of people also prefer, disappearing, or being treated as second-class citizens.

Such an odd development.

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It's easy
by Milan Kerslager on Tue 9th Feb 2016 09:46 UTC
Milan Kerslager
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It's easy - more people prefer bigger phone over one-hand operated phone. The demand for small phone is just too small (there are small new phones out there, just not new iPhone).

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