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Microsoft BentUser reviews what is famous for being Microsoft's worst product of all time - and finds out just exactly what is so terrible about it.
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RE[3]: Don't Get the Dog
by henrikmk on Sun 20th Nov 2005 15:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Don't Get the Dog"
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Replying to myself: I know the speech bubbles can be removed with TweakUI, but I think the initial design decision which results in, "I know it's annoying, but it can be removed with XYZ tool" just shows that it's a bad design decision to keep it.

Again XP offers many things that can be turned off in this manner, even from within its own interface: Webview of files in Explorer, the fancy view of Control Panel can be turned off, the fancy start menu can be turned off, the GUI can be reverted to Windows 2000 style.

Those are nice choices to have, but why are they necessary in the first place? Why would MS suddenly think that their new, colorful, unnecessarily rearranged GUI just might be confusing or annoying to all those (likely the majority of Windows PC users) who have migrated from older versions of Windows?

Why implement something that doesn't hold up anyway?

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