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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The release of the iPhone SE is emblematic of the "boringness" of the smartphone landscape. For the last few years, the only thing exciting about new smartphone releases was that they kept getting bigger. Now the tide has turned. An article at the Atlantic makes an interesting parallel: the codex, or the innovation now known as "the book" hasn't seen many innovations in centuries, but that doesn't mean that books are boring. It just means that the innovation is at the edges. The article points at the release of the Caterpillar S60 smartphone, designed for industrial use and featuring a thermal imaging camera, as indicative of a new trend of specialization that might make the mobile computing market interesting as it extends into ever more narrow niches.
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RE: Boring?
by Jonteponte7112 on Tue 29th Mar 2016 08:01 UTC in reply to "Boring?"
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It really is amazing that anti-apple people are pissing all over this since the platform of infinite choice (Android) does not even have two decent picks in this category. And that is not even taking price into consideration. My guess is that they abandoned this category and went all-in on huge-ass phablets beacuse it was the easy way out. Making high-end compact phones with decent battery life is *hard* and therefore expensive. Not something low-margin market-share seeking OEM's would be interested in.

If this is even a moderate success though expect a shit-load of Android OEM's at least *trying* to go the same route as Apple. That is just the ebb-and-flow of the "leading by following" innovation in this business...

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