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According to sources at Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's parent company, and Microsoft, you'll soon be able to run Ubuntu on Windows 10.

This will be more than just running the Bash shell on Windows 10. After all, thanks to programs such as Cygwin or MSYS utilities, hardcore Unix users have long been able to run the popular Bash command line interface (CLI) on Windows.

With this new addition, Ubuntu users will be able to run Ubuntu simultaneously with Windows. This will not be in a virtual machine, but as an integrated part of Windows 10.

We'll learn more today, but this sounds like a pretty cool thing to have - and something that can replace Cygwin.

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It's all about the cloud.
by westlake on Thu 31st Mar 2016 03:13 UTC
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You need to dig down a bit to see what is happening here and why.

Canonical and Microsoft are doing this because Ubuntu on Windows' target audience is developers, not desktop users. In particular, as Microsoft and Canonical continue to work more closely together on cloud projects, I expect to find tools that will make it easy for programmers to use Ubuntu to write programs for Ubuntu on the Azure cloud.

Some here will remember the Wubi installer, which was a reasonably safe and painless way for a Windows user to "dual boot" Linux. You don't see a lot of Windows converts to Linux in user-land. You might see some interest there in FOSS apps that haven't been ported to Windows.

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