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BSD and Darwin derivatives "Although Linux gets much of the attention in the Free and open source operating system world, the BSD operating system is also very popular. BSD has a longer history, and its roots go right back to one of the original Unix implementations that spawned commercial Unix variants like Solaris and Mac OS X. BSD is actually a popular source for server-focused operating systems and, due to an open license, it is sometimes more attractive to developers as the base for their projects. With some BSD variants, security and high-performance networking are key drivers."
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Linux comparison
by thebluesgnr on Sun 20th Nov 2005 20:38 UTC
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"It is friendlier than many Linux alternatives, and, unlike Linux, the entire operating system fits onto a single CD for installation."

That's the problem of people calling Linux an operating system when it's a kernel that fits a 45MB tarball.

The most popular distribution on fits on a single CD for installation. And it's not PCBSD.

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