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Recently, I decided buy an iPhone 6S and turn on iMessage.1 iPhones are great! But in the process of setting it up, I ran into some hassles that reminded me that for all the advancements that Apple has made with iOS over the years, it still can feel like it's stuck in an old era of phones that were controlled by corporate politics. The iPhone is a computer, but sometimes it acts too much like a RAZR.

Anything even remotely related to managing files is a complete disaster on iOS, and it's one of the main things Apple will need to address going forward, now that iOS is their future.

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File Mgt...
by brichpmr on Sat 16th Apr 2016 10:57 UTC
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In terms of managing basic files on a smart phone or tablet, I suppose different users will have different use cases for what satisfies their needs. With respect to the iPhone, I am totally uninterested in managing ringtones except to turn the suckers off to avoid annoying anyone else.

I am sufficiently satisfied with the ability to access and manage, for just one example, transcoded blu ray video loaded from my mac mini via Air Video Server HD, Dropbox and iTunes....all of it is basic and simple. It's not really analogous to WindowsExplorer, but pretty much drag/drop/sync, and that serves my purposes very well....ymmv.

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