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Recently, I decided buy an iPhone 6S and turn on iMessage.1 iPhones are great! But in the process of setting it up, I ran into some hassles that reminded me that for all the advancements that Apple has made with iOS over the years, it still can feel like it's stuck in an old era of phones that were controlled by corporate politics. The iPhone is a computer, but sometimes it acts too much like a RAZR.

Anything even remotely related to managing files is a complete disaster on iOS, and it's one of the main things Apple will need to address going forward, now that iOS is their future.

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I'm a teacher. One of the assignments I gave to my students a short while ago required them to record themselves for a couple of minutes and to hand me those files. For a number of them, the most convenient device to do so was their phones (and indeed, I devised that assignment with the idea that most of them have a phone that allows them to so just that).
Then came the time for them to hand in their work. A number of them did so through flash memory (USB, sdcard...) or email, a couple I had to plug their phones and find where the files were. And then there were those with iphones. They didn't have a choice: only email was possible. When e tried to directly copy the files from the phone to my laptop, I discovered that when you plug an iphone in, the only accessible directories are that of pictures taken on the phone. Anything else you can't see.
I have no doubt that there is some kind of method to access those files, but it is in no way obvious.
So, Apple has decided to let people access their pictures however they see fit (because doing otherwise would have led to an uproar, I imagine), but anything and everything else is under lock.
This is not having a modern os made for people who don't want and don't need to know the intricacies of files systems. This is simply a company that does its utmost to control and monetize everything they can out of you.

Voice Memos app on iPhone lets you record your voice, and then share via Messages, Email, etc.

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