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Recently, I decided buy an iPhone 6S and turn on iMessage.1 iPhones are great! But in the process of setting it up, I ran into some hassles that reminded me that for all the advancements that Apple has made with iOS over the years, it still can feel like it's stuck in an old era of phones that were controlled by corporate politics. The iPhone is a computer, but sometimes it acts too much like a RAZR.

Anything even remotely related to managing files is a complete disaster on iOS, and it's one of the main things Apple will need to address going forward, now that iOS is their future.

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To delete a mail message in iOS, I sweep to the left and the message is in the trash. One step....not 4-6 steps.

I tried that and "delete" is not there. Apparently it depends on which email provider you are using. For gmail you get "archive" in place of "delete" by default and you can switch it around in settings (and lose the "archive" feature). I suppose there is way to "delete" using gmail without toggling settings, but I couldn't be bothered to dig into a blog article about it when its simpler to use absolutely any other mail client ever created to do it.

In my mail app, I have 5 different email accounts including gmail; and I can delete messages simply by sweeping from right to just works that way.

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