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At its Build developer conference a few weeks ago, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, a major update for Windows 10 due this summer. One of its biggest aspects was substantially reworked and improved pen support ("Ink" in Microsoft terminology) intended to make pen applications easier to find and use and to make stylus use more powerful. A new Windows build that provides the first access to these new features, version 14328, has just been promoted to the fast ring.

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RE: Win10?
by Athlander on Mon 25th Apr 2016 11:04 UTC in reply to "Win10?"
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Thanks, but no thanks. Not going to have a that piece of shit on my computer. By 2020, Win7 is done (so they say) and then I am all bye bye Windows.

Of course I will still be running Os/2, BeOS, Win98se and MS-Dos-6.22 on my retro boxes.
On my primaery and everyday machine, it will be Linux.

MS-DOS 6.22? Why?

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